Riding Lessons are available for Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Riders

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Riding Lessons build confidence, enhance your knowledge base, improve your technique, and are lots of fun!  Lessons are available for beginners through advanced level riders. Training includes approach and forming a union, safety & handling, horse care & grooming, saddling & ride preparation, mounting & dismounting, reining techniques, hand, leg & voice commands, posture, exercises, and advanced Horsemanship training.

Riding Lesson packages below are for ages 9+ and adults.  For youths under age 9, please call 732-727-3838


              1 to 3      Lessons @ $48 per hourly session ( purchase 1 to 3 lessons @ $48 each )
( purchase 4 to 9 lessons @ $46 each )
               4 to 9    Lessons @ $46 per hourly session

C) RIDING LESSON PACKAGE ( purchase 10 lessons @ $41 each )
                10    Lessons @ $41 per hourly session  ( total $410.00 )                

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Your Riding Lesson certificates will be mailed to you within 3 days.
Upon receipt of your certificates you may call 732-727-3838 to schedule your first Riding Lesson.
Packages above are for ages 9+ and adults.  For youths under age 9, please call 732-727-3838